The opportunity you need to capitalise on a meaningful and untouched market.

Our business aims to provide knowledge and technologies to convert agricultural waste into raw materials, creating sustainable by-products to textiles, furniture, automotive, medical and construction industries.
Together we can implement systems and process to create a new paradigm on agricultural waste management.

But what is agricultural waste?
One of Australia’s biggest challenges,  agricultural waste is all the unwanted matter from crops after harvesting. We're talking about more than 6 million tonnes of waste ending up in landfills per year, causing a huge negative impact on farmers productivity and to our planet's environment. For example:


Approximately 120 thousand tonnes produced each year in Australia.  Almost 75% of these crops (leaves and stems) are wasted.

Sugar Cane

Australia produces around 35 million tonnes per year. 60% after harvest is treated as waste (leaves and bagasse).


Around 600 tonnes of dry green bean per annum. 85% of this production is considered waste (fruit, leaves and branches).

There is a solution, and we have it!

With FIBO technologies and process we can transform agricultural waste into a new industry focused on the production of by-products, Offering new possibilities to:

Rural Communities
Generating more produtivity in harvesting chains, by reducing the wastage of time, money and resources. 

Various Traders
Minimising of predatory consumerism, by generating added value products through sustainable raw materials.

We collect and create raw waste materials utilising new and existing technologies and innovations from natural crops that can be converted, on location, into by-products, improving aspects such as :


Helping Australian farmers to increase their productivity and increase their earnings up to 30%.


Recuperating up to 60% of agricultural waste and protecting our ecosystem.


Supporting and funding projects in local communities of Australia to generate new jobs and skills.

The support we need

To help us in the pursue of our revolutionary mission and disrupt traditional waste management,
we need to raise AU$ 600.000,00 This funding will be crucial to execute our planned steps of investment in several areas:

Operational Costs
Administrative, marketing and logistic expenses to run the business.

Research Innovations
Development of new materials, partnerships and industry outcomes.

Product Development
Continuous improvements in machinery, operations and results.

Patents and Licenses
Legal services including intellectual property registration and advice.

with us, you will be

Encouraging new sustainable practices

Creating a new paradigm in farming

Adding value to an otherwise dismissed commodity chain

Enhancing and growing Australian companies

Reducing the need to import products

Offering new opportunities in untouched markets

Together we can rethink agricultural production chains
and make the world a place with less wastage!

Get in touch:

We are open to discuss any idea you may have.
Feel free to contact us by email, phone, or presencially.

Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland (CCIQ)
375 Wickham Terrace
Spring Hill, QLD 4000

0422 207 314


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